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Assistant Commissioner Competition

Assistant Commissioner Competition 2017

The Authority's functions under section 13 of the Garda Síochána Act 2005 relating to appointments to the ranks of Assistant Commissioner, Chief Superintendent and Superintendent were commenced with effect from 1 January 2017. The Assistant Commissioner competition was announced on the Policing Authority website on 25 January 2017. Officers with at least two years at the rank of Inspector were eligible to apply.

A total of 31 applications were received with a breakdown by rank, gender and organisation as follows:

Applications for Assistant Commissioner 2017
By Gender No. of Candidates By Employing Organisation No. of Candidates By rank No. Of Candidates
Male       27 Garda Síochána       31 Chief Superintendent       19
Female       4 PSNI        0 Other       12
Total       31 Total       31 Total       31

The selection competition involved a three-staged process, conducted in accordance with the statutory framework and the Authority’s Statement of Practice.The selection process was conducted by a Selection Board appointed by the Authority, which included an external Chair. Applications were shortlisted and preliminary interviews took place between the 6th and 10th March. Final competitive interviews were held on 21 March. When the selection process concluded, the Authority established a Panel of candidates, which is used for appointment in the order of merit determined by the Selection Board, if and when positions in the Assistant Commissioner rank fall to be filled.

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