Our Vision, Mission and Values


An ethical, effective, human rights based policing service that merits and enjoys the confidence of the increasingly diverse people it serves.



To hold the Garda Síochána fairly and transparently to account in the interests of all, particularly the most vulnerable.




We perform our functions without fear or favour, alert to the need to maintain independence in thought and action, in order to best serve the public.


We reach out to organisations and reach in to our communities. As part of our service to the public, we actively seek out and listen to voices not frequently heard, including the voices of children, to understand the lived experience of policing.

Public Centred 

Our efforts are directed towards oversight that is open, transparent and accountable and that gives assurance and confidence to the public, in all its diversity, that we are acting on its behalf to secure and support a policing service that keeps them safe and makes them feel safe.


We are even-handed in our processes, our engagement and our assessment.


We recognise and respect the professionalism and experience of the Garda Síochána and the unique nature of the risks its members take to keep people safe. We also respect the validity of the experience of all those who encounter the policing service and recognise that our oversight is informed by both.

Human Rights

We will work to ensure that the policing service delivered by the Garda Síochána vindicates the human rights of all that come into contact with it. We will promote equality, diversity, human rights and inclusion in our own organisation, in policing and in wider society.


We value curiosity and continuous improvement in our organisation and in policing. We will develop our skills and knowledge to inform the work that we do.