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Policing Authority Statement on the death of former Authority Member, Dr. Vicky Conway

The Policing Authority is deeply saddened to learn of the death of its former Member, Dr. Vicky Conway.  Vicky was appointed to the first board of the Authority in January 2016 and made an invaluable contribution to its work.  Vicky brought unique expertise and insight to the oversight of policing in Ireland, drawing on her significant academic work in this area - which itself drew on her keen attention to the experiences of the many people she engaged with to produce that work.  Vicky briefly left the Authority to sit on the Commission on the Future of Policing in 2017 before being reappointed in 2018. 

Vicky’s commitment to securing the best possible policing service for victims, offenders and all those who interact with the Garda Síochána was reflected in the time and energy she devoted to this work and the generosity with which she shared that knowledge with her colleagues.

Bob Collins, Chairperson of the Policing Authority said:

Vicky’s contribution to policing was rooted not only in academic curiosity but in a genuine desire to ensure that everyone’s engagement with the Garda Síochána, in particular those most vulnerable in our society, was rooted in a respect for their humanity and a vindication of their human rights.  Her contribution to, and impact on the work of the Authority and the oversight of policing is an important legacy for which we should all be very grateful. Those of us who worked very closely with Vicky witnessed not only her passion for oversight but her strong appreciation of the challenging work that police officers perform on our behalf and a desire to improve things on the ground for them. ”

The Authority extends its deepest sympathies to Vicky’s family and friends.