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Press Release

Policing Authority welcomes launch of Garda Síochána Diversity and Integration Strategy

The Policing Authority welcomes the launch this morning by Garda Commissioner Drew Harris of a Diversity and Integration Strategy (2019-2021) for the Garda Síochána.

The ability of the Garda Síochána to police a diverse Ireland has been an area of abiding interest for the Authority and its committees. The meeting in public between the Policing Authority and the then Garda Commissioner in June 2018 had a particular focus on this area. The strategy includes a working hate crime definition, which is something that the Authority has called for repeatedly, and very much welcomes.

Speaking at the launch of the Strategy, Policing Authority Chairperson, Josephine Feehily said:

“It is important for a community to see its diversity recognised by the police service by which it is served. The adoption of a working definition of hate crime on an administrative basis is especially timely, as is the commitment to collecting data. This will inform both future policy making and approaches to operational policing. The Authority has consistently highlighted the importance of diversity in policing since its inception and is very pleased to see this strategy and the vision within for a more equal Ireland.”

The Garda Síochána has committed to transparency and accountability, and the Policing Authority looks forward to overseeing the achievement of the ambitious outcomes of this strategy.