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Garda Appointments

Quarterly Report on Appointments to Garda Síochána August to October 2022

The appointments to the Garda ranks are made following selection competitions that are conducted in accordance with the statutory framework and the Authority’s Statement of Practice for undertaking each competition. Senior Garda staff are appointed by the Authority following appropriate civil service recruitment processes.

The following appointments have been made by the Authority:

To the rank of Superintendent:

  • Tomás Gormley
  • Niamh Molloy
  • Shaun Grant
  • David Callaghan
  • Ciara Lee
  • John Ryan
  • Brian Halligan
  • Oliver Baker

To the rank of Chief Superintendent:

  • Padraic Jones
  • Padraic Powell
  • Aidan Minnock
  • Barry Walsh
  • Vincent O’Sullivan
  • Michael McNulty
  • Colm O’Sullivan
  • Brian Sugrue


The Authority congratulates all those appointed and wishes them well in their future careers.