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Policing Authority Publishes Review of 2023

The Policing Authority has today published its Review of 2023 which provides an overview of the breadth and depth of the work it has undertaken this past year. It highlights key areas of focus for the Authority’s oversight, as well as providing data relating to senior Garda appointments, research initiatives, and engagement.


Commenting on the publication of the Review of 2023, Policing Authority Chief Executive, Helen Hall, stated:

“This year, the Authority demonstrated its ability to adapt and respond to evolving circumstances and to represent the needs and concerns of wider society in relation to its policing service. Our meetings with the Commissioner in public in Drogheda, the North East Inner City Dublin, Mayo and Waterford were an opportunity to understand the experience of policing within communities and the challenges but also the success that is being achieved in keeping communities safe.  Our engagement with community groups and organisations in these areas played a vital role in informing our work and I am hugely grateful for their generosity in sharing that experience with us.” 


In 2023, priority was given to oversight of policing that safeguards the most vulnerable in society, with specific attention to gender based violence, child protection and drugs-related crime and violence. The Authority also continued its oversight work in the area of Garda resources, conduct and discipline, the quality of emergency call handling and public order policing.


The Authority demonstrated its commitment to transparency and accountability with the decision to increase the number of live-streamed meetings with the Garda Commissioner, providing the public with access to these important discussions.  It actively participated in several significant conferences and events and notably, was part of a team of agencies hosting the 22nd EPAC/EACN Annual Conference in Ireland. This conference explored key topics of relevance to policing such as protecting and promoting whistleblowing, tackling abuse of power, combatting fraud, and the challenges of digital evidence management.


Looking ahead to 2024, the Authority will continue to carry out its existing statutory functions, while preparing for the transfer of those functions into the new Policing and Community Safety Authority, as set out in the Policing, Security and Community Safety Bill.


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Policing Authority meeting with the Garda Commissioner in public

Live Broadcast from Authority Meeting