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Conference Report 2020

The Policing Authority has published a Conference Report from the academic webinar, hosted on the 10th of September for academics, researchers, and participants from some relevant criminal justice agencies on the theme of ‘Children, young people and the police: building confidence and trust’, which included eight speakers and had 70 attendees in total. The keynote presentation entitled ‘Increasing Trustworthiness of the Police in the Eyes of Children by Adopting a Child-First Approach’ was delivered by Mr. Keith Fraser (Chair of the Youth Justice Board of England and Wales). A video recording of the plenary session is available here.

Six workshops followed, featuring a range of speakers with significant experience in the area of children and youth justice:

The short report brings together summaries of each speaker’s contribution, as well as the themes that emerged from the discussions. A video recording of the feedback from the workshops and the closing of the event is here.