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Previous Garda Competition

2017 Chief Superintendent Competition

Chief Superintendent Selection Competition 2017

This is the first competition undertaken by the Authority for the rank of Chief Superintendent since the commencement of its statutory appointment functions on 1 January 2017. These appointments are made following a selection competition for Chief Superintendent which involved a three-staged process, conducted in accordance with the statutory framework and the Authority’s Statement of Practice. It is expected that appointments will be made to fill further positions in the coming weeks.

A total of 79 applications were received with a breakdown by rank, gender and organisation as follows:

Applications for Chief Superintendent in the Garda Síochána Competition 2017

By gender No. of Applicants By Employing Organisation No. of Applicants By rank  No. of Applicants 
Male       71 Garda Síochána        77 Superintendent        70
Female       8 PSNI       2 Other ranks       9
Total       79 Total       79 Total       79

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