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Policing Authority has full and unwavering confidence in Garda Commissioner Drew Harris

When the Government extended Commissioner Harris’s period of appointment in February 2022, the Authority warmly welcomed that decision and noted that Commissioner Harris has made a strikingly significant impact on the Garda Síochána in the period since his appointment. In the context of the recent vote by the GRA, the Authority affirms that Commissioner Drew Harris continues to have the full and unwavering confidence of the Policing Authority. 


The key concern for the Authority is the need to ensure that the service delivered to the public is effective and meets its needs.  There are challenges which the Garda Commissioner and his team and indeed all levels within the Garda workforce are focused on resolving in the interests of policing and the people.  The Authority has consistently addressed these issues in our regular engagements with the Commissioner and these matters – including that of the Garda Roster - will be further discussed in our upcoming livestreamed meeting with the Commissioner on September 28. 


In that context, it is important to note that a vote of confidence doesn’t advance any of these issues. Rather their resolution is more appropriately found through the industrial relations structures that have been established for such purposes. 


The Authority looks forward to continuing to work closely and productively with the Garda Commissioner, while discharging its statutory oversight duties.

Policing Authority meeting with the Garda Commissioner in public

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